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  1. Process:

    Tue 29 March 2016
    1. Observe a property of the physical universe
    2. Describe this property using an intuitive metaphor
    3. Begin thinking of the property entirely in terms of the metaphor
    4. Begin to believe that the metaphor is literally true
    5. Extend the metaphor in logically consistent ways
    6. Make predictions/assertions about the physical universe based on …
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  2. A Rant About Atheism

    Thu 28 January 2016

    This is really more of an essay on communication, but let me start with god.

    I'm atheist. In the literal sense of the word; a-theist, without theism, without a belief in a god. I came to my atheism through a great deal of thought, careful exploration of religious ideas and …

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  3. On the suspension of disbelief

    Tue 19 January 2016

    I often find myself hating the new Doctor Who. Also a lot of other sci-fi media, but the Doctor has been guilty of some pretty blatant offenses lately, and because I really liked the show growing up, the violations are all the more offensive.

    Now I'm an old school Dr …

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  4. Standing with all the Things

    Thu 07 January 2016

    Here is a list of all my opinions.

    Well, ok, not all of them, but some I think are important. It's not my normal sort of post; I'm a private person, and I don't have much stake in other people knowing my opinions. I offer them if I think they …

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